Italy notifies Decree on Plants Permitted in Food Supplements

Decreto Ministero della Salute Piante e Integratori

On February 3 2011 the Italian Ministry of Health has notified the European Commission and other Member States, under Directive 98/34/EC, that it intends to adopt a Decree on plants and plant extracts that can be used in food supplements, as defined by Directive 2002/46. The text of the draft Decree is available here.

The Decree includes around 2000 plants that can be used in Italy and that are not currently considered Novel Foods under Regulation 258/97. A specific reference to mutual recognition is made under article 4.

Those familiar with the earlier draft of the Decree will notice that other substances, like amino acids, carnitine or creatine, have been eliminated, as well as references to the uses of the different plants, in order to facilitate the adoption process at the European level. The indication of traditional uses may have conflicted with the claims regulation, Reg. 1924/2006.

A decision on the Decree is expected within the next three months and, if positive, may provide welcome support for the use of botanicals in food supplements.

Sports Nutrition Team

NB: links are not necessarily to the current version of the legal document cited.

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