Astaxanthin: a new remedy against oxidative stress in muscle?

Astaxanthin is a natural pigment content in algae Haematococcus pluvialis, which might have some good antioxidant properties. In this regard, the scientific community is not unanimous: some studies (e.g., Aoi et al, 2007) put the focus on a potential antioxidant effect which has a positive impact on muscle health; on the other hand other studies (Bloomer et al, 2005) suggest that astaxanthin supplementation does not benefit the muscle, because it does not reduce the risk of muscle damage.

The Italian Health Ministry accepts that astaxanthin has antioxidant properties and does not place restrictions on its use; but at European level, EFSA gave a negative opinion concerning a number of health claims for astxanthin including maintenance of normal joints, tendons or connective tissue, and protection of DNA, proteins or lipids from oxidative damage.
Use of the substance in sports nutrition may be increasing: recently, GNC has used astaxanthin with β-alanine, to create a blend named ‘Muscle Buffering System ‘, included in formulations of the new line of products ‘GNC Beyond Raw’.
Use of astaxanthin in the formulation of products should be carefully evaluated.

– Armando, Sport Nutrition Team


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