2011 PlantLIBRA project meeting to be held in May on Dracula’s homeland

Hylobates Consulting is happy to announce that in less than two month the 2nd PlantLIBRA project meeting will take place. Our  Project Management Team is working hard on these days to tie up loose ends for the organization of the event, and make it as relevant and scientifically exciting as we can.

This year, the congress which annually brings together all the partners contributing to PlantLIBRA’s development and success will be held in Brasov, placed in the well-known Romanian region of Transylvania.

The 2nd project meeting hosted by the our Romanian partner, the Transilvania University of Brasov, will take place between 17-20 May.

This international congress will also help the Coordinator, Prof. Restani of the University of Milan, to assess the progress of PlantLIBRA, ten months after the project start-up in June, against the objectives agreed with the EC.

The tight schedule of the 4 day-event include plenary sessions to discuss the first year results, WP meetings, to interact with policy-marks, stakeholders, other scientists and a dedicated session to discuss the latest news from the world of botanicals and policy- making.

Hylobates Consulting would like to thank Dr Mihaela Badea from the Universitatea TRANSILVANIA din Brasov for her help in the organisation of the meeting, and wishes this PlantLIBRA annual congress to be a key event to achieve the project goals – thanks to the participation of all partners and guests.


PlantLIBRA Management Team

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