Hylobates’ PlantLIBRA Management Team helps set up forum for dialogue between PlantLIBRA and stakeholders

During its project meeting in Brasov, Romania, PlantLIBRA’s management team based at Hylobates is organizing and inviting participants and interest groups to its workshop:

“Stakeholders in the plant supplement sector-  A needed cooperation “

Considering the varied perceptions and regulations concerning plants supplements within Europe and internationally, the close cooperation between stakeholders, policy makers, consumers, and scientists is essential. The latter to promote sound technological innovation, as well as harmonization of procedures and communication of scientific findings.

Through this workshop PlantLIBRA’s participants will meet and hear from stakeholders of the European plant supplement industry, government and other special groups, and discuss actual issues and needs of the sector. By doing so we seek their valuable feedback on how to redirect our efforts and therefore project’s results for a better interface between industry, science and policy.

Join us on 18th May.

Update on May 13: program available at this link PlantLIBRA Stakeholder Workshop Programme

– Alejandro David Rodarte,  PlantLIBRA Management Team –

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