PlantLIBRA’s 2nd Project Meeting in Brasov, Romania, concluded last week

Thanks to the help of the Transilvania University  of Brasov and with the Coordinator, the University of Milan, Hylobates Consulting managed the practical organization the PlantLIBRA’s 2nd  Project Meeting in Brasov, Romania, which ended last week. This meeting is the culminating point of each year to hear from individual partners and work groups on their achieved results on the topic of plant food supplements.

From 17 to 20 May PlantLIBRA partners from 25 institutes and companies traveled from Bucharest to Brasov through beautiful landscapes of mixed forest and high mountains of the Transylvanian alps to meet and assess project progress.

Some programme highlights were:

•   Presentation of the 1st  year results by each working group (work package)

•   Internal work package meetings

•   Project dissemination events with local authorities and journalists

•   Presentations and dialogue with policy advisors active  in the field of plant food supplements

•   Workshop with  stakeholders representing manufactures and associations of the plant food supplement sector

Among some of the project objectives, results were presented going from the activities for building a meta-database with compositional and toxicological values of botanicals, the multinational surveys on intake and consumption of plant food supplements, to the risk benefit assessment of this product category,

Along with the scientific presentations, we learned as well from national authorities from Romania, Hungary, Italy, Belgium and Germany on the specific requirements for policy and legislation of plant food supplements.

More information on PlantLIBRA on:

Alejandro Rodarte, PlantLibra managment team


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