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Bridging science and industry by knowledge transfer on bioeconomy – food, wellbeing, environment.

Brussels, 11-12 October 2012

Bridging science and industry by knowledge transfer was the main topic of the 1st FAB-Industry-Forum & Food-Cluster Initiative Conference held last 11 and 12th of October in Brussels. The event organised by the CommNet network together with the Food Cluster Initiative brought together  high-profile scientists, EU Commission, MEPs, Food Industry, SME associations and project coordinators to discuss the relevance and challenges for the knowledge and technology transfer from EU funded projects to stakeholders and consumers, and to strengthen the European bioeconomy and – industry. The effective, broad and stakeholder- specific communication of research projects results is also a moral obligation of  FP7 Projects towards EU-taxpayers, explained CommNet´s Rhonda Smith during her welcoming and contribution on the Outlooks for the Bioeconomy. Invited speakers also stressed the need of turning the funding in research and knowledge generated into marketable innovations. An area in which European research has been lagging behind.

In the afternoon, a technology transfer dialogue between EU projects and tech-transfer experts took place in which representatives of FP7 EU research projects presented their  transfer experiences of ongoing or finished projects.

PlantLIBRA delegate Alejandro Rodarte from Hylobates Consulting (Rome), a SME that serves as project management for the project coordinated by Prof. Restani of the University of Milan, gave a brief overview of the project. He also explained one of the project’s main outcomes: the ePlantLIBRA metadatabase, which is an unique and comprehensive online resource on plant food supplement and botanical data for researchers, health professionals, health educators, the food industry and policy makers. Furthermore, to improve the technology transfer to key stakeholders, PlantLIBRA partners are performing usability tests with end users to validate and  improve the fit-for-purpose character and stakeholder usability of the ePlantLIBRA.

Among comments of the invited tech transfer experts, they agreed that with the increasing mass of knowledge being generated, agri-food and biological databases that can adapt to the technical advances, are sustainable,  and that comprise existing databases, are vital for supporting the high demands of modern day research and application by stakeholders to support the European bioeconomy.

– PlantLIBRA Management Team –

International Women’s Day

Oggi celebriamo la Festa delle Donne. A Hylobates, crediamo che le donne che lavorano sono essenziali per il nostro progresso. Antonella, Francesca, Lucilla e Sonia sono membri fondamentali del nostro team – nel lavoro scientifico, nel project management, nelle scienze cosmetiche, e nell’amministrazione. Senza di loro, Hylobates sarebbe un’azienda molto peggiore, ammesso che potesse esistere.

Sappiamo anche che le donne, comprese le madri tra loro, sono risorse straordinarie per le aziende, e creare le condizioni in cui possano lavorare bene – orari flessibili, telelavoro – non è un gesto per aiutare le donne, ma serve al successo della nostra azienda. Dobbiamo continuare a pensare a modi migliori e più efficaci perché possano lavorare con noi.

Tanti auguri a tutte!


Today we celebrate Women’s Day. At Hylo, we believe that working women are essential to our progress. Antonella, Francesca, Lucilla and Sonia are key members of our team – in science, project management, cosmetic sciences and administration. Hylobates would be a much worse company, if it existed at all, without them.

We are also aware that women, including mothers, are extraordinary resources for businesses, and that creating the conditions for them to work well – flexible schedules, tele-working – is not helping them, it’s helping our company. We need to keep thinking of new and better ways.

Best wishes to you all!

– Hylo’s Team –

Season’s greatings from Hylo

Wishing a joyful Christmas and a sparkling New Year!


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