Hylobates experience? Wonderful mix!

A training stage that introduces in job’s world is undoubtedly an important milestone for a new graduate, but even more so is the ability to carry out in Hylobates Consulting, leading company in Italy that offers the most advanced scientific and regulatory applied knowledge in food safety, on labeling and health claims for food supplements, dietetic products and common foods, as well as regulatory dossiers on ingredients and claims.

The atmosphere that you live every day is very friendly, warm and dynamic at the same time, in fact no one lies on the results obtained so far but on the contrary there is a strong ambition that drives everyone to improve.
For a graduate in biology, this stage represents on the one hand the natural continuation of his studies and the possibility to apply them, because the knowledge on biological macromolecules, physiological and metabolic pathways is essential in the job, On the other hand opens up a whole new world unknown but equally interesting that addresses regulatory and legislative issues on the basis of food safety.

Further fundamental aspect to note is that everyone, including newcomers, have a voice, and final decisions are taken by mutual agreement.

The experience can be considered highly educational due to the large number of areas that covers: biology, knowledge of regulations and problem solving, a complex and attractive mix.

– Jacopo, Sport Nutrition Team

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