Hylo’s Team activities

At Hylo, we have a team specializing in food supplements, from science to regulations.

Our dedicated team has performed research and worked with regulators across Europe for nine years. An area of leadership is sports nutrition. We also work with the botanicals industry, and with a broader range of well-being products.

Companies and entrepreneurs should focus on their products, brands and markets – and have the best support when it comes to the uncertain seas of science and regulation. Yet, for a company, it is possible to help consumers safely improve their health, and thrive.  Science evolves, scientific opinions are delivered daily across the world, and, in the past ten years, the regulatory landscape for foods and supplements has been and is affected by seismic movements.

The way we can help:

– maximize the appeal of your supplements by exploiting the health claims regulation
– reinvent your labels, ads and claims in line with reg 1924/2006
– change the game: introduce a novel food, a new health claim or a new substance
– formulate and label your product to access EU and national markets
– determine in record time if your product and ingredient can be sold in the EU, and where
– comply with notification requirements
– ensure quality and compliance of ingredients

Feel free to call or e-mail at:

Hylobates Consulting Srl
Via Tarsia 61 00135 Roma – Italia
Tel: +39 06 98939628  Mail: hylobates@hylobates.it

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